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Night Out Cards


  • This game has vague suggestions that ASK you to perform actions based on your individual interpretation of them. Some of these actions involve people you don’t know and otherwise doing things in public.

    There is a chance that you can do something to offend someone else who is not playing. This can create dangerous situations. We (Night Out Cards) can’t predict how others will react to you and how you will interpret the cards. Because of this we take no responsibility for what you do, or how others will react.

    Don’t do anything that is illegal, will harm anyone, including yourself, or anything else that could get you in trouble. If you are someone who likes suing other people for something that you did, or something that you were told to do, you are forbidden to play this game. (I call that the “No asshole clause”.)

    You should only play this if you are over 21 years old. (Or whatever age drinking is legal in your country) This is because some of the cards direct you to bars, to take shots of liquids and otherwise do things that require you to be of legal drinking age.

    On that topic, we don’t condone public intoxication or overindulging in alcohol. The goal is to have fun, not be obnoxious in public.

    By agreeing to play, you take full responsibility for your actions and all outcomes from said actions. (You know, like an adult.) If you are at all uncomfortable or uncertain about your liability with anything above, don’t play. Give the game to someone who does have personal responsibility and you can go back to your mom’s basement.